My name is Phil Morin and I’m a Canadian Visual Artist working in Expressionist and Impressionist styles. This blog features my drawings  in  charcoal, graphite, conte and paintings in oil, acrylic, casein and watercolour. Landscapes and Seascapes  are my dominant subject matter.  Painting in Oil with knife and brush are the techniques I’m currently working with the most as it gives me a sense of freedom in my art that I love. Oils have a buttery quality to them and it opens up a lot of creative possibilities with all the textures I can create.  I’ve shown my work in galleries and other locations as well as my website/blogs. In May 2007 my painting “Against The Storm” was featured in the Canadian medical journal “The Parkhurst Exchange”.

Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you here again soon.

-Phil Morin

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