Sunset At The Lake

Sunset_at_the _lakeWatercolor on Arches 140 lb CP

5 X 7 inches

© 2017 Phil Morin

A wonderful end to a wonderful day at the lake.



You Can Now Follow This Blog With Bloglovin!

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Hi there ! Now you can follow on Bloglovin ! I am also migrating Bloglovin followers from my old blog to this one . More posts to come ! In the mean time why not check out the paintings? (link is in the main menu and here) .

Till next time, thanks for reading and viewing,

Phil Morin

Domain change -Draw and Paint.Blog

Hi everyone ! Just to let you know my blog at is now redirected to   ! It might be unstable for the first 72 hours according to WordPress but it should be smooth sailing after that!

I’m working on new paintings and should be posting them in the near future .They’re painted thickly so they take awhile to dry. 🙂 Thanks for reading. Take care!

-Phil Morin

Welcome to Draw and Paint Blog !

Hi ! Welcome to my latest blog : ‘Draw and Paint Blog’ . This blog has been renamed from ‘sketch2sketch’ to the current name. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

I’m going to post to this blog for my artwork instead of my other ones as posting to many blogs is a bit cumbersome and is more time consuming than just one blog. So you’ll be able to find all my future art posts here in one handy place! So without further delay here is my next painting .Thanks for reading! Hope to see you again soon !


‘First Snow’

Oil on Panel

11 X 14 inches

© Phil Morin 2002

Sketch #1

Sketch #1 by Phil Morin

Sketch #1 © 2014 Phil Morin

Landscape Sketch done with Conte crayon on Canson drawing paper.

Welcome to Sketch 2 Sketch ! Have a Merry Christmas!